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Franklin City Hall

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Franklin, KY 42134



Hours: M-F 8:00am to 4:00pm


City of Franklin property tax bills will be mailed out on Friday, September 23rd.  They will be in the form of a blue postcard like last year, and due on November 30, 2022.
Click here to view the City of Franklin Water Treatment Plant  Water Quality Report
Pursuant to KRS 6l.870 thru 6l.884, the public is notified that, as provided herein, the public records of the City of Franklin, KY are open for inspection by any person upon written notification to the City Clerk, official custodian of the public records of the City of Franklin, Kentucky, whose address is 117 West Cedar Street, Franklin, Kentucky.
Requests may be made during normal business hours from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday each week, except holidays. Records request forms for the inspection of any public records of this agency are available on the City of Franklin website at, or as provided by any employee of this office upon request, or by email to Completed request forms can be submitted by email to or by delivery to the City Clerk located at Franklin City Hall, 117 West Cedar Street, Franklin, Kentucky or by calling the City Clerk at 270-586-4497, Ext 5526.
Any person requesting public records shall be notified not later than five (5) working days after receipt of the request for inspection and advised either of the availability of the records requested for inspection and where and how said records will be made available, or that the records requested are not available for inspection and the reason(s) therefor. Beginning on June 29, 2021, only “residents of Commonwealth” of Kentucky and “news-gathering organizations,” as those terms are defined by statute, may request to inspect public records. A person submitting a request to inspect public records must include with the request a statement that the person making the request is eligible to request public records under the law. A public agency may deny a request to inspect records that does not include such a statement or that is not eligible to request public records under the law. See KRS 61.872(2)
Copies of written material in the public records of this agency shall be furnished to any person requesting them upon payment of a fee of ten (10) cents per page; copies of non-written or electronic records shall be furnished upon pre-payment payment of a charge equal to the actual cost of producing copies of such records by the most economic process available not likely to damage or alter the record.
This the 29th day of June, 2021.

On August 24th, 2020, Chief Roger Solomon was presented with our Re-accreditation certificate from Shawn Butler, Executive Director of the Kentucky Association of Chiefs of Police. The Re-accreditation proves that the Franklin Police Department has examined all aspects of their operations. It proves that we have made conscious decisions about policies and procedures that fit the law enforcement requirements of their jurisdictions and have implemented those policies and trained officers in their use. Re-accreditation reflects that the agency was carefully measured against an established set of standards and had met or exceeded professionally accepted law enforcement practices in law enforcement.

This KACP Re-accreditation will be good for four years and then we will strive to get our third Re-accreditation. To be able to complete this process, and to do it four months early during a pandemic speaks volumes to the commitment of the men and women of the Franklin Police Department. During trying times for law enforcement in the United States, where many police departments in metropolitan cities are facing intense scrutiny for their law enforcement practices, this shows that the Franklin Police Department has and will continue to meet those challenges head on.





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SOKY Jobs Franklin-Simpson Video

To view this video, click on the video tab on this home page , click on "Watch Now" and then select the SOKY Jobs Franklin video there.

New Emergency Alert System

To receive emergency alert calls, please sign up at or call 270-586-1800.  The county has changed the mass notification system and new information must be entered.   


Comcast Drops WBKO Channel 247

As many of you have noticed, Comcast has recently dropped WBKO channel 247 from their lineup. This is not an issue that the City has caused, nor can we correct it. According to Kim Sasser-Hayden, Comcast Sr. Manager of Governmental Affairs for the Franklin, KY area, ABC will now only allow one channel to broadcast their programming, and Comcast dropped WBKO channel 247 for Franklin instead of channel 2 out of Nashville. She is checking into the possibility of dropping channel 2 and bringing back WBKO channel 247 for the Franklin, KY area. If you would like to contact her to express your opinion, her contact number is 615-476-6071, and her email address is

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