Lienholder Notification

The purpose of the lienholder notification system is to provide notice to lienholders when a lien has been filed by the City of Franklin, Kentucky on a property. A lien is defined as a legal claim upon real or personal property for the satisfaction of some debt or duty arising by operation of law. A lien shall be placed on property owned by the person found by a non-appealable final order as defined by Section 2(h) of Ordinance 2016-012 or by a final judgement of the court, to have committed a violation of a city ordinance. The lien shall be for all civil fines assessed for the violation and for all charges and fees incurred by the city in connection with the enforcement of the ordinance, including abatement costs.

The Lien Database is updated weekly and can be accessed HERE.

Individuals and entities, including but not limited to lienholders, may register with the city to receive electronic notification of final orders entered pursuant to Ordinance 2016-012. To receive the notification, submit the NOTIFICATION SYSTEM FORM.

For questions concerning liens, contact City Clerk Cathy Dillard at (270) 482-5526 or

Notification System Form