F-S Code Enforcement Board

The City of Franklin is diligently working to clean-up and improve the appearance of our community by strictly enforcing the City’s Property Maintenance Code.  The City enforces the regulations known as the International Property Maintenance Code adopted by and through the City of Franklin’s Code of Ordinances. The Code Board is a joint endeavor between the City and the County. To learn more visit the City's Code Enforcement page. 

The following members are representatives of the board (two city with one alternate and one county with one alternate): 

City Appointments

Roy Tyler, term expires December 31, 2027; 
Wanda Tuck, term expires December 31, 2025; 
Jill Broderson, term expires December 31, 2027; 

County Appointments

Betty Parker, term expires December 31, 2024; 
Anna Scates, term expires December 31 ,2025.