cemetery 100_0886 - CopyThe City of Franklin maintains a 40 acre cemetery on the east side of the city.  What is known today as Greenlawn & Shady Rest Cemetery was opened in the  late 1800's, and contains many additions since the original plat. The cemetery  office is open Monday through Friday, 7:00 am thru 3:30 pm with the cemetery gates open until dusk. The City presently has a contract with Delk Services for  maintenance of the cemetery grounds. Jonathan Cline  is the Cemetery Sexton and maintains records of burials at the cemetery. The Sexton is in the office  daily from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm. The actual records of lot purchases are kept at City Hall.

Appointments for plot sales or other business can be made by calling (270) 586-4497.

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City of Franklin
Greenlawn & Shady Rest Cemetery
420 Cemetery Street
P.O. Box 2805 Franklin, Ky. 42135
Phone (270 )586-4497
Fax (270) 586-9419

The Greenlawn Cemetery was established in 1871, since then there have been 25 Cemetery Sextons. The current Cemetery Sexton is Jonathan Cline. The cemetery covers approximately 40 acres. Greenlawn has 17 different sections and Shady Rest has 4 different sections.  There are approximately 16,500 occupied graves in the cemetery.


Greenlawn and Shady Rest Cemetery require a 24 hour notice before having a funeral.  All burials in the cemetery require a vault. (concrete, steel, plastic, or wood).  All monument companies setting monuments in the cemetery should contact the Sexton for a Monument Installation Request Form.


To purchase graves or for information on existing graves contact Jonathan Cline at Office (270)482-5903.
For information regarding fees and charges see the Cemetery Ordinance on this site. Prices in the ordinance for opening & closing graves don’t include tent set-ups or lowering devices. Cemetery personnel only opens & closes the grave nothing else is provided by the cemetery personnel. All other services are the responsibility of the deceased family or Funeral Home.

Veterans Section

A few years ago the City of Franklin started a Veterans Section inside Greenlawn & Shady Rest Cemetery. In this section graves are provided at no cost to American Veterans. Contact the Cemetery Sexton for more information or availability of graves in this section.

Flower Regulations

Between March 15 and Nov. 15 of any year, no flowers should be planted or set in any receptacle except in the specifically prepared vases placed on cemetery markers throughout the cemetery. Flowers may be placed upon cemetery grounds in any manner, whatsoever, during the following periods:

  1. Good Friday through the Tuesday following Easter.
  2. From one day before Memorial Day through two days after Memorial Day.
  3. From one day before Mother's Day through two days after Mother's Day.
  4. From one day before Father's Day through two days after Father's Day.

*No Shepherd Hooks allowed on Cemetery Grounds!


The following fees for the Greenlawn Cemetery have been adopted by the Franklin City Commission and apply to all sections of the municipal cemetery, including Shady Rest. Per ordinance 620.2-11-2007 effective November 30, 2007 and subject to change by ordinance.

Sale per single grave (includes $100.00 perpetual care fee) $500
Transfer of Owner rights $35
Monument marking fee $10
Grave open and close fee – during week $450
Grave open and close fee – during weekend & holidays $550
Cremation or baby grave open and close fee – during week $100
Cremation or baby grave open and close fee – during weekend & holidays $200
Disinterment of adult vault or casket $1,000
Disinterment of baby vault or casket $250