Water Distribution

Mission Statement

The City of Franklin Water Department is dedicated to maintaining the community’s water distribution system with the most responsive and efficient discipline; ensuring quality health and safety for all citizens at all times and under all conditions.

The City of Franklin has 5 employees in the Water Distribution Department with 3 of those being certified with the State of Kentucky Division of Water. The Water Distribution Department consists of two Line Maintenance personnel, one Meter Reader/Meter Maintenance and two Hydrant Maintenance employees. We at Franklin Public Works Water Distribution Division take pride in the work we do and take very seriously our responsibility to provide safe, clean drinking water to all our customers.

City of Franklin Water Availability Form

The water department is working with new regulations passed by the Federal Government regarding the water quality in the distribution system. This new rule is called the IDSE rule or the Interim Distribution System Evaluation. This rule is designed to help water utilities by supplying guidelines to monitor the water quality in the distribution system by more stringent & frequent testing criteria at several more sampling points in the system. We test the water at the treatment plant and at many points throughout the piping system to insure safe quality water for our customers to drink.

The department is also in the process of developing a leak detection program. This program is designed to find leaks in the distribution system that is not surfacing. This will enable us to repair the leaks or replace the pipes and save money by reducing water loss.

Did you know?

  1. The city water system is monitored and maintained by state certified personnel. These personnel have the highest certifications available to water system personnel.  
  2. The state Division of Water requires monthly operating reports of the city water system.  
  3. The city tap water must pass 65 more safety tests than bottled water that you buy in stores. Yet you will pay $1.00 for a bottle of water that you can get at your tap for 4/100ths (.004) of a cent per gallon. Bottled water, if purchased by the 16 oz. bottle would cost you approximately $7.20 per gallon. Do the math; .004 cents per gallon or $7.20 per gallon, tap water is the best value!
  4. The Safe Drinking Act passed by the United States Congress and President Clinton will cause an increase in water rates of approximately $6.20 per average bill.
  5. The average cost of water in 1982 in the State of Kentucky was $3.20 per thousand and in 1999 it was $5.60 per thousand, while the City of Franklin has a current water rate of $6.16 per thousand.
  6. Franklin Municipal Utilities currently maintains approximately 70 miles of water mains, 410 fire hydrants and 4200 service lines, meters and meter boxes.
  7. Many of the water lines in the City were installed as early as the 1920's and 30's. Some were even installed earlier than that and are still in use today. A rough estimate of what it would cost to replace all of the old water lines would be between 10 and 20 million dollars.
Bill Belcher
Class III Operator
Date of employment -
September, 1994
Steve Akin
Date of employment -
June, 2010
Kenny Massey
Water Distribution Superintendent
Date of employment -
February, 2017