Street Department

Mission Statement

To provide the citizens of Franklin with clean, safe, and well maintained streets and sidewalks, thereby creating an attractive and friendly environment for visitors.  Let the citizens of Franklin know we work for and with them to provide these services.

About the Street Department

The City of Franklin Street Department consists of the Street, Stormwater, and Beautification crews. The Street Department is responsible for maintenance of 45 miles of City Streets, 36 City owned properties, all City right-of-ways, all street and traffic control signs, the Brush and Leaf Collection Program, snow and ice removal from City streets, and any duties pertaining to streets in general.

The City has 10 miles of curbed streets swept once every other month usually on the 19th or 20th day of each month. A Pavement Management Computer Program selects the streets to be resurfaced each year.  A condition survey is conducted on each street in May of every year and this information is entered into the pavement management program. The pavement management program uses this information, which includes ride quality, drainage, serviceability and distresses (cracking, bumps and sags, patching or potholes, and raveling and weathering) to determine which streets should be resurfaced.   Since the City implemented this pavement program 10 years ago the overall quality of the City streets have improved.

The City of Franklin Storm Water crew is responsible for all parts of the storm water system including above ground ditches, underground pipes, storm water retention basins, curb drains and all storm water structures. This past year this department has re-graded approximately 1000 feet of ditches, constructed or repaired 45 storm water structures, and installed 800 feet of pipe.  This department has a list of storm drains, which they check and clean out on a weekly basis.

The Beautification Crew edges sidewalks and curbs, mows grass, picks up trash and various other tasks to keep the streets of Franklin looking clean and nice. In the past year the Public Services Crew has collected 125 Loads of leaves and 64 loads of brush, mowed 30 City right-of-ways and 36 City owned properties, also this crew is responsible for mowing properties that violate the City grass and weed ordinance. This crew also picks up trash, sprays weeds and grass and edges sidewalks and many other things to keep the City of Franklin a clean and pleasant place to live.


Mosquito Spraying

The City uses MasterLine Kontrol 4 - 4, EPA Reg. No: 73748-4, to spray for mosquitoes throughout the City.

Click this link to view the MSDS fo this product.

MasterLine Kontrol 4 - 4 for Mosquitoes



Memorial Dr. Hwy. 31-W to Brookhaven Rd.
Brookhaven Rd. Memorial Dr. to Bluegrass Rd.(Hwy. 1008)
College St.  Main St. to Pleasant Valley Rd.
Wildcat Way Main St. to College St.
Cherry St. Main St. to Orange St.
Witt Rd.  W. Madison St. to Bluegrass Rd. (Hwy. 1008)
Redbud Dr. Bluegrass Rd.(Hwy. 1008) to Hildegard Ave.
Hildegard Ave. Redbud Dr. to Western Dr.
Western Dr. Hildegard Ave. to W. Madison St.
N. College St.  Main St. to Iris Dr.
John J. Johnson Ave. Morgantown Rd. to W. Madison St.
Walker St.  N. College St. to West St.
West St.  Walker St. to W. Cedar St.
Longview Dr. John J. Johnson Ave. to Bloomfield Dr.
Fairway Dr.  Longview Dr. to Westview Dr.
Westview Dr. Fairway Dr. to Morgantown Rd.
Akin Ave. Main St. to Morgantown Rd.
Quail Ridge Rd. Main St. (Hwy.31-W) to End
Scotland Ave. E. Cedar St. to Cemetery St.
Finn St.  Main St. to Green St.
Filter Plant Rd. W. Cedar St. to Park Rd.
Other Areas to Clear 
Macedonia Rd. At Fire Station E. Cedar St. to Harding Rd. (Hwy. 1008)
Court St.  In front of Police Dept.
Franklin Medical Center  Around Emergency Room Entrances
Sunset Circle  Hills
Sewer Plant  Entrance on Hill
Franklin Ave. Hill
Brentwood Dr. Hill
Breckenridge St.  Hill
Kentucky Ave.  Hill
Roosevelt St. Hill
Strawberry Lane Hill
East Industrial Park Main street and delivery entrances
North Industrial Park Main street and delivery entrances
Ogles Ave. Main St. to End

Pedestrian Plan for the City of Franklin

In 2014, Franklin offered its citizens the opportunity to voice their opinion about the sidewalks they would like to have added to the City.  It was a process that was overseen by the Get Healthy Simpson Coalition's Get More Active Committee, and financed through a grant obtained by the Barren River District Health Department.  Over 1000 people participated in the selection process of choosing the streets, and then narrowing down the top 10, to the top 4 sights.

The decision was as follows:

1)  North Street from Main Street to the Jim Roberts Park

2)  John J. Johnson Street down Roosevelt Street connecting with North Street

3)  South College Street, Starting at Rolling Road Drive to the Franklin-Simpson Middle School and High School Campuses

4)  Hunt Ford 4-Way intersection to Industrial Drive, which would help walkers stay safe all the way to Walmart.

Respectfully Submitted,

Christy Ramey

Chairman of the Get Healthy Simpson Coalition and the UK Cooperative Extension Agent for Family and Consumer Sciences in Simpson County



All employees of the City of Franklin Street, Storm Water and Public Services Departments take great pride in their work and strive to insure the citizens of Franklin have clean, well-maintained streets and receive professional and courteous service. When our departments can be of service, we will be happy to assist you with your questions or needs.

Call 270-586-9522.

Terry Bailey
Equipment Operator
Date of employment -
October, 1999
Jarred Clayton
Service Maintenance
Date of employment -
January, 2011
Jerry Bailey
Service Maintenance
Date of employment -
April, 1999
Darrell Mallory
Street Superintendent
Date of employment -
June, 2008
Doug Markin
Field Supervisor/ Public Services
Date of employment -
October, 1997
Jonathon Cline
Service Maintenance
Date of employment -
May, 2013
R H Perdue
Service Maintenance
Date of employment -
July, 2013