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The Franklin Police Department is committed to providing law enforcement services that are fair, impartial, and effective. We will be community partners who seek to solve problems after identifying the needs of our citizens and engaging them as our partner. We seek to improve the quality of life and the public safety of our community through all our endeavors. We strive to be caring, accountable and professional where every employee embraces integrity as the cornerstone upon which the public trust is built.

About the City of Franklin Police Department


On behalf of the fine men and women of the Franklin Police Department, we welcome you to the Franklin Police Department website and to our community.  The Franklin Police Department personnel are well trained professionals through the Kentucky Department of Justice Training Academy.

Every member of our department is dedicated to providing the highest level of service to our citizens, businesses, and visitors.  We strive to be caring, accountable and professional in all that we do.  Every employee embraces integrity as the cornerstone of the public trust that we value so much.

I hope that you will take advantage of the many opportunities to be involved in our community and our department.  If I, or any member of our staff can be of service, please do not hesitate to contact the Franklin Police Department.



Horace Johnson, Chief of Police

Chain of Command and Staff

Police Chief Horace Johnson
Field Operations
Captain Roger Solomon
D Squad
270.586.7167 Box 23
Captain Art McFadden
270.586.7167 Box 26
Senior Officer Monta Cherry
A Squad
270.586.7167 Box 13
Corporal Kelly Mayfield
A Squad
270.586.7167 Box 30
Cpl. Dale Adams
A Squad
270.586.7167 Box 14
Officer Michael Miciotto
B Squad
270.586.7167 Box 08
Officer Larry Schultz
B Squad
270.586.7167 Box 11
Sergeant Kevin Williams
B Squad
270.586.7167 Box 65
Corporal David Hutcheson
B Squad
270.586.7167 Box 61
Officer Jonathan Johnson
C Squad
270.586.7167 Box 34
Sr. Officer Jayson Paine
A Squad
Officer Deborah Steele
C Squad
270.586.7167 Box 04
Detective Michael Jones
D Squad
270.586.7167 Box 19
School Resource Officer
Officer Chris Jackson
D Squad
270.586.7167 Box 55
Sonya Freeman
270.586.7167 Box 10
Dale Reeve
D Squad
Officer Chad Moody
Officer Justin Casada
Officer Serhiy Varyvoda

Frequently Asked Questions

Calling 911

What Should I Say?

  • The location of the emergency itself.
  • The nature of the emergency.
  • Your name and phone number. This is not required, but
  • beneficial should additional information be needed later.
  • Do not hang up until the operator asks you to do so.

When should I call?

  • To report a serious medical problem or injury.
  • Should you see fire or smell smoke.
  • If you see a crime being committed.
  • Or for any other type of emergency/safety issue.

When should I NOT call 911?

  • Do not use the 911 telephone number for any type of   routine business such as accident reports, theft reports, keys locked in vehicle, animal problems, parking tickets, directory assistance, etc.
  • While it is appropriate to call 911 for downed or arcing power lines, DO NOT call 911 for power and water outages, call your utility provider. 911 personnel cannot provide you with outage information (location and duration) and calling 911 ties up emergency phone lines.
  • Never call 911 as a prank or a joke. These calls are illegal and more importantly could cost someone else their life. A police officer/sheriff deputy will be dispatched to the location of these calls.

Poison Control

Who should I call in case of a poisoning?

  • When accidents happen with chemicals or medicine, call Poison Help at 1-800-222-1222. Get help right away from a nurse, pharmacist or otherpoison expert.
  • If someone has trouble breathing, call 911.

Impounded Vehicles

What is the process for getting my vehicle back?

  • Vehicles towed by Franklin Police may have a hold on them. In order to  release the hold, you must come to the Franklin Police during regular office hours and be able to prove you have met the requirements of the hold (ex. Proof of insurance, driver’s license, registration receipt.)


Press Releases

DATE: Tuesday, June 24, 2014
AGENCIES: Franklin Police Department
OFFICERS: Corporal David Hutcheson, Detective Mike Jones

The Franklin Police Department was dispatched to the 200 block of Walker Street in reference to the robbery of a Pizza delivery driver at around 10:13 p.m. on June 22, 2014.  The victim advised that he arrived at a private residence to make a delivery when he was approached by an unknown male who came from around the left side of a residence.  The victim advised that the suspect came up behind him and pointed a small revolver (possible a 38 caliber) at him and oredered him onto the ground.  The victim advised that once on the ground, he was robbed of a small amount of cash.  The victim described the suspect as a black male in his mid to late 20's, approximately 6'1", 160 pounds.  The suspect had a white dish towel on his head and a white wash cloth over the handgun, but his face was exposed.  Franklin Poiice Detectives are following up on leads.  The victim was not injured during the incident.  Anyone with information concerning this robbery is encouraged to contact the Franklin Police Department at 270-586-7167.

DATE: Thursday, November 15, 2012
LOCATION: 1200 South Main Street, Franklin, KY 42134
AGENCIES: Franklin Police, Simpson County Sheriff's Office
OFFICERS: Major Whiles, Lt. McFadden, Cpl. Williams, Ofc. Moody, Deputy Eddie Lawson



 SUMMARY:  On 11/15/2012 at approximately 2PM the Citizens First Bank located at 1200 South Main Street in Franklin KY was robbed.  The suspect entered the bank with a black bag, armed with a handgun.  The suspect approached the tellers and demanded the money out of their drawers.  The suspect placed the money in the black bag and left though the front doors.  He fled the scene in a tan Honda with a TN license plate that was parked near the front doors and unoccupied.  The suspect abandoned the vehicle in the area, and it was determined that it had previously been reported as stolen. 


The suspect is described as a white male, approximately 5'10”, 180 lbs, wearing sunglasses, a dark pullover, black ski mask, blue jeans, and blue tennis shoes, possibly “Tom” shoes.  The suspect was wearing a baseball cap that was a dark color on the bill and front part, and white in the back.  The hat had a red emblem on it.  No one was injured during the robbery.


Lt. Art McFadden is conducting the investigation.  Anyone with information is asked to call Franklin Police at 586-8819, 586-7167 or Crime Stoppers at 270-781-CLUE or 866-842-CLUE.




PREPARED BY: Lt. McFadden                APPROVED BY: Major Whiles





DATE: Friday, October 19, 2012
LOCATION: Captain D's




DATE:  10/19/2012

LOCATION: Captain D's, 608 South Main Street, Franklin KY 42134

AGENCIES: Franklin Police

OFFICERS:  Chief Todd Holder, Lt Art McFadden, Sgt Wayne May, Cpl. Kevin Williams, Officer Monta Cherry



On October 19, 2012 at about 8:10 a.m., an armed robber stole an undetermined amount of money from Captain D's on South Main Street. The suspect apparently waited outside the restaurant for the employees to arrive. The suspect pulled a handgun on the three employees after they arrived and forced them into the restaurant. The suspect had an employee remove the money from a safe and then forced the employees into a freezer.  The employees were in the freezer for about ten minutes one of the employees called 9-1-1 on a cell phone.  The suspect stole the restaurant manager's 2004 Nissan Xterra sports utility vehicle and fled from the scene. The vehicle was found at about 10:45 this morning parked at Dunn's Bar-B-Que at the intersection of Jefferson Street and John J. Johnson Avenue.  The armed robbery suspect is described as a black male with a slim build. He was wearing a dark hoodi under a black windbreaker, a white scarf covering the lower part of his face, and appeared to be late 20's early 30's, approximately 6'1, 180 lbs.  No one was injured during the robbery.  Lt. Art McFadden is conducting the investigation.  Anyone with information is asked to call Franklin Police at 586-8819, 586-7167 or Crime Stoppers at 270-781-CLUE or 866-842-CLUE.


PREPARED BY:      Lt. Art McFadden      APPROVED BY: Chief  Todd Holder


DATE: Wednesday, March 28, 2012
LOCATION: 506 N. College (Dollar General), 2805 Scottsville Rd., (Knights Inn) Franklin KY
AGENCIES: Franklin Police, Simpson Co. Sheriff's Dept., KY State Police
OFFICERS: Lt. Art McFadden

SUMMARY: On March 28, 2012 at 8:54 p.m., the Franklin Police received a call of an Armed Robbery at the mid-town Dollar General store. When Officers arrived the perpetrator had fled the scene. During the investigation if was learned from employees that a black man entered the store at closing time, wearing a sock hat and brandishing a small caliber revolver, demanding cash from the register. During the incident, another employee was struck over the head with the perpetrators handgun, when he refused to give the perpetrator his wallet. The perpetrator then tried to remove money from the register and a locked safe located in the store, but was unsuccessful. The perpetrator exited the Dollar General Store and upon departure pointed his handgun at a witness in the parking lot before fleeing to the rear of the store. The injured employee was treated and released with minor injuries from the Medical Center at Franklin.

On March 28th, 2012 at 9:14 p.m., it is believed the same perpetrator entered another business in Franklin at 2805 Scottsville Road, which is approximately 4 miles from the Dollar General Store and robbed it also. The night auditor at the Knight's Inn reported that a black man brandishing a small caliber revolver came into the business and demanded that the clerk give him all of the money in the drawer. The clerk grabbed a handful of cash and changed and threw it a the perpetrator. The perpetrator than grabbed an undetermined amount of currency and fled out the door and to the rear of the business. No vehicle was observed during either robbery, but it is believed one is involved. No one was injured in the second robbery. Police, Deputies and Troopers combed the area, but were unable to locate the perpetrator. The investigation continues.

If you have any information concerning these robberies, please contact Franklin Police at (270) 586-7167. Lt. Art McFadden is the lead investigator.


Yearly Reports

Compiled by Lieutenant Art McFadden and Sonya
Freeman, Records Division.

You will need Adobe Reader to view the reports


The Franklin Police accepts applications for employment regardless of our hiring status.  Any valid applications submitted will be included in the next hiring process if the applicant can be reached via phone. For further questions, Email Lt. Art McFadden

Minimum qualifications to apply:

  • Must be at least 21 years old
  • Must be a high school graduate or have earned a GED
  • Must be willing to live in Kentucky within 30 minutes of Franklin
  • Must have an honorable discharge if you have ever served in the Armed Forces
  • Can never have been convicted of a felony or domestic violence
  • Must be a citizen of the United States
  • Have a valid driver’s license

Application Process

Applications and other employment forms may be downloaded below.   All application documents MUST be typed, printed out, signed where indicated, and submitted.  Incomplete or hand written application documents will not be accepted. Applications are only available online since they must be typed.  If you are unable to access a computer, the Goodnight Library offers computer use for free and a nominal charge to print. Please read the instructions carefully.


Selection for sworn personnel includes the following:

  1. Each candidate who meets the minimum requirements must complete the Kentucky Police Officers Professional Standards (POPS) pre-selection physical fitness tests unless already a certified police officer by Kentucky POPS.  The Kentucky Law Enforcement Counsel administers the test.

    Click here for a detailed description of the PT training standards.

  2. Each candidate who proceeds to the next step of the process then completes a written examination for the position of Police Officer unless already a Kentucky certified police officer by the Kentucky POPS.  Written examinations are valid for up to one year and the candidates can use the results in future hiring processes.
  3. Each candidate who proceeds to the next step of the process then goes before an oral board composed of Franklin Police Officers.
  4. Each candidate who proceeds to the next step of the process then undergoes a background investigation.
  5. Each candidate then meets with a hiring board composed of the Chief of Police, the Assistant Chief of Police and appropriate designees.
  6. Upon completion of the selection process, the Chief will recommend to the City Manager those candidates for employment.  Final approval for appointment is subject to approval of the Board of Commissioners.
  7. After being approved by the City Commissioners, employees are given a conditional employment offer pending completion of a medical examination, psychological examination, polygraph examination, and drug screening.  Previously certified employees may not be required to take a polygraph or psychological examination depending on how long ago these tests were performed, at the discretion of the Chief of Police.  New employees are then required to take the Franklin Police Department Oath of Office.
  8. Unless already POPS certified, all newly hired officers shall be required to execute an employment agreement with the City of Franklin requiring  the repayment of all training costs, including, but not limited to salary and travel expenses for Basic Training at the Department of Criminal Justice Training, and in house training if employed for less than three years.
  9. After being employed by the City Commissioners, employees, not already basic-certified, must complete basic training at Richmond, Kentucky.
  10. New officers are required to participate in and successfully complete field training.
  11. New officers are on probationary status for one year from date of completing field training.  Probationary status may be defined as that period during which one's employment may be sustained or terminated by the City Manager on the recommendation of the Chief of Police.   During probation, the continuing selection process shall include, but not be limited to, random drug-screen testing.


Annual Salary prior to Academy Graduation $28,080.00
Annual Salary after Academy Certification including KLEFPF Pay $32,240.00
Health Insurance Health insurance available, effective the first of the month following employees full time hire date. Employee/Spouse, Employee/Child, and Family plans are also available. Flexible Spending Account available.
Dental Insurance City pays 100% of Single Dental Insurance effective the first of the month ninety days following hire date.
Life Insurance Employees receive one times their annual salary in life insurance coverage, beginning ninety days following their full time hire date.
Vacation Employee receives 1 week of vacation for up to one year of service. Between one and five years, the employee receives 2 weeks of vacation. Between five and ten years, the employee receives 3 weeks. After ten years of service, the employee receives four. Vacation time is accrued, and employee may carry over, from year to year, up to the total amount of vacation time that they can accrue in the then current year, based upon the number of years of service with the City.
Medical Leave 8 days of paid medical leave per year, with a maximum accrual of 180 days. Accumulated leave is forfeited upon severance of City employment.
Personal Leave 3 days of earned personal leave per year. Employee must have 6 months without sick leave, Jan. 1 - June 30, to accrue one personal day. After one year of not using sick leave, (Jan 1 - Dec. 31), employee earns an additional two personal days.
Family Medical Leave Up to twelve weeks, uncompensated.
Funeral Leave Up to three paid days for immediate family.
Social Security Employee automatically enrolled upon employment. City contribution rate of 7.65% of total salary.
State Retirement Employee must participate after first 90 days of service. Employee becomes vested in the system after five years of service. Retirement payments are based on total years of service and highest five year salary.
Hazardous duty (Fire & Police) City contributes 37.60% - Employee, 8%
Deferred Compensation Optional.
Uniforms Provided by City. $30 monthly uniform cleaning allowance.
Take Home Units Available to those officers who qualify.