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Fireworks Use
FY 2017-2018 Budget Amendment
Alcoholic Beverage Control Ordinance
Fireworks Use Regulations Amendment
Alchoholic Beverage Control Amendment
Property Annexation
Establishing Procedures for the Collection of Ad Valorem Taxes
Alchoholic Beverage Control Amendment Pursuant to KRS 242.185
Property Annexation
Gross Receipts License Fee And License Fee For Employees Amendment
Property Annexation: approximate 3.66 acre parcel adjacent to Highway 1008 & North Street
2018-015 Ordinance Amending FY 2018-2019 Budget
Gross Receipts License Fee And License Fee For Employees Amendment
Ordinance Stating Intention to Annex 10.46 Acres Located on Kenny Perry Drive
2018-017 Ordinance Amending Historical District Adopting Guidelines
Gross Receipts License Fee Amendment regarding sellers of fireworks
Amending Meeting Times
Amending And Restating Gross Receipts License Fee And License Fee For Employees
Ordinance Amending Meeting Times
2018-019 Ordinance Authorizing KBI for Holley Performance Products
Acquisition & Construction Grant
W & S Revenue Bonds
2018-020 Ordinance Annexing 17.51 Acres Witt Road HWY 1008
Acquisition & Construction Grant
Simpson County Developmenet Area
2018-021 Ordinance Annexing 8.28 Acres HWY 1008
Project Grant Inducement Pursuant To Kentucky Business Investment Program
Amendment Regarding Utility Deposits for Landlords
2018-022 Ordinance Annexing 8.19 Acres on HWY 1008
Project Grant Inducement Pursuant To Kentucky Business Investment Program
Amending Number of F-S Industrial Authority Board Members
2018-023 Ordinance Annexing 1.72 Acres on HWY 31-W
Project Grant Inducement Pursuant To Kentucky Business Investment Program
Utility Rate Increase
2018-024 Ordinance Annexing 2.67 Acres on HWY 100
Ordinance Establishing Stormwater Management Fee
2018-025 Ordinance Authorizing KBI for TMM USA Inc.
Ordinance Adopting Training Program for Commissioners
2018-026 Ordinance Authorizing KBI for Toyo Auto Parts Inc.
Police: Establishment of a PSAP E-911 Answering System at Kentucky State Police Post 3
FY 2015-2016 Budget Amendment
Cannabinoids: Prohibition of Possession and Sale
Code Enforcement - Acquiring Certain City Owned Property
Sewer Use and Charges
Setting 2016 Property Tax Rate
Sewer Use Amendment
Property Maintenance Code Enforcement
2019-004 Ordinance Authorizing New Mather Metals KBI
Annexation Ordinance HWY 31-W South and HWY 1008
2019-005 Ordinance Authorizing Sumitomo Electric KBI
2019-006 Ordinance Amending Planning & Zoning Regulations
Water and Sewer Rates
2019-007 FY 2018-2019 Second Budget Amendment
Hydrant Use
Ordinance Rezoning 319 & 321 South Main Street From R-2 to B2
2019-008 Ordinance Authorizing Planning & Zoning Interlocal Agreement
Fiber Optic Services Rates and Charges
Amendment to Alcoholic Beverage Control Ordinance
2019-009 Ordinance Amending Code of Ordinances (Codification)
Close Portion Of Raines Dr.
2019-010 FY 2018-2019 Third Budget Amendment Ordinance
Ordinance Closing Presbyterian Church Alley
Amendment to Water & Sewer Use Ordinance Regarding Sewer Adjustment for Filling Up Swimming Pools
Ordinance 2019-011 Ordinance Adopting FY 2019-2020 Annual Budget
Ordinance to Close Public Roadway on South Side of Kentucky Highway 100
2019-012 Ordinance Amending Ethics Ordinance
Maintenance & Operation of Cemetery
2019-013 Ordinance Amending Comprehensive Plan of Annexation
Sports: Prohibiting playing sports and / or athletic games and / or placing encroachments on or alongside public streets
Ordinance Authorizing KBI for Holley Performance Products, Inc.
Solid Waste, Commercial and Residential: Collection, Transportation and Disposal
Ordinance Annexing 5.39 Acres Located on Peden Mill Road
Solid Waste, Industrial: Collection, Transportation and Disposal
Ordinance Rezoning Hudspeth, Brick, Morris Street Properties
Economic Interlocal Agreement
Ordinance Approving Scott Waste Services Franchise Agreement
Animal & Livestock Controls within the City Limits
2017 Property Tax Rates
Ordinance Amending Planning & Zoning Regulations
Property Rezone: Macedonia Rd. & Hwy 100
Ordinance Setting 2019 Property Tax Rates
Ordinance Revising Parking Ordinance With Summary
Property Rezone: Rezoning 428.5314 acres from B-5 to I-2 east of 1-65 north of Hwy 100 and west of Eddings Rd.
Ordinance Amending Joint Meeting Dates
Ordinance Rezoning 2.67 Acres on East Cedar/HWY 100
Ordinance Adopting Supplement to Code of Ordinances
Property Rezone: 410 S. Railroad
Ordinance Adopting New Planning & Zoning Fee Schedule & Commercial Inspections
Property Rezone: Rezoning 4.62 acres from B-4 to I-1 at 1401 Nashville Rd.
Water and Sewer Refunding & Improvement Bond Authorization
Property Rezone: 803 Claire Ave.
General Obligation Debt Note
Property Rezone from I-1 to B-4 at 822 Blackjack Road property
Approval of Planning & Zoning Regulations
General Obligation Debt Note
Housing Authority Board Compensation
Sewer Use Ordinance Amendment
General Obligation Issue
Int'l Property Maintenance Code Amendment
Joint Meeting Amendment
Industrial building revenue bonds, Series 2011 (Tractor Supply Company Project)
Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance Amendment
FY 2017-2018 Budget Amendment
Public Project Bonds
Annual Budget for 2009-2010 Fiscal Year
Motor Vehicles and Boat Tax Rate
Budget: Annual 2011-2012 Fiscal Year Budget
Bank Deposit Property Tax Rate
Budget Amendment
2011 City Real Estate Tangible and Merchandise Inventory Property Tax Rates
Budget: Amendment to 2010-2011 Fiscal Year Budget
Property Tax Rate 2009
Budget: Amendment to 2010-2011 Fiscal Year Budget
FY 2018-2019 Budget Ordinance
Abandoned Property Ad Valorem Tax Rate
Franchise - Providing for the creation and sale of a non-exclusive franchise for natural gas for a term of ten (10) years
An Ordinance Amending a Prior Ordinance Relating to Alcoholic Beverage Control
Franchise - Confirming sale and awarding natural gas franchise