Finance and Accounting

The Finance & Accounting Department is located in

City Hall
117 W Cedar Street

"The Finance and Accounting Department is dedicated to maintaining accurate records from the collection of revenues, ensuring the appropriate allocation of funds, while providing helpful, courteous and friendly service to the citizens of Franklin."


Annual Financial Report FY 2016  


Ordinance 2017-005 Budget Amendment       

FY 2017 Amended Budget

Ordinance 2017-010 FY 2017-2018 Annual Budget      


Angela West
Purchasing Agent
Date of employment -  
July, 1988
The City Purchasing Agent is responsible for all purchase orders and auditing all expenditures of the City. These expenditures include general operating expenses, agency appropriations, projects, travel, fund transfers and other miscellaneous payments. She also prepares the annual 1099 Tax Forms.
Sandy Ferguson
Billing Coordinator/Payroll Clerk
Date of employment -  
July, 1994
The Billing Coordinator/Payroll Clerk is responsible for the City's payroll functions and the invoicing of the Utility bills.
Shaunna Cornwell
Finance Director
Date of employment -  
July, 2013
Shaunna joined the City of Franklin staff as Finance Director on July 24, 2013.

Customer Service Representatives

The Customer Service Representatives are responsible for the collection of the City funds including utility payments, property taxes, and business licenses. The Customer Service Representatives can also help with establishing or discontinuing water service, evaluating water leaks and other utility questions.

DeAnna Holcomb
Customer Service Representative
Date of employment -  
January, 1990
Shania Bailey
Accounts Payable
Date of employment -  
December, 2002
Cortney Travelstead
Customer Service Representative
Date of employment -  
August, 2010