Franklin City Commision Meetings

As adopted by Ordinance, the regular meetings of the Franklin, Kentucky City Commission are scheduled as follows:

Regular Commission meetings are held on the second and fourth Mondays of each calendar month, at 12:00 NOON, and take place in the Meeting Room of City Hall, 117 West Cedar Street, Franklin, KY.

Regular Joint meetings of the Franklin City Commission and the Simpson County Fiscal Court are scheduled for the first Wednesday of the months of March and September, in the second floor meeting room of the Simpson County Courthouse, public square, Franklin, KY.

Agendas for meetings are available at City Hall 24 hours before the meeting.

For announcements regarding cancellations of regular meetings, or scheduling of special called meetings, stay tuned to WFKN, 1220 AM or contact City Hall at 270-586-4497



The public is given an opportunity to speak before the Board of Commission during a scheduled City Commission meeting, a speaker shall:

  • Register with the City Clerk or Deputy Clerk and provide name, address, notification phone number and/or email address, and topic of talk.  
  • Registration begins at the conclusion of any Commission meeting and ends one business day before the next scheduled meeting. 
  • Speakers are requested to speak a maximum of five (5) minutes.  If there are several people registered to speak on the same topic, the meeting chair will determine the amount of time allocated to each speaker.  
  • The Meeting Chair shall recognize those persons wishing to address the City Commission, and after being recognized, they should proceed to the podium and state their name, address, and subject before asking any questions or making any comments. 
  • Individual speakers shall refrain from any inappropriate language or naming any person individually in a negative manner during their comments.  
  • If a speaker desires to present materials to the Commission, seven (7) copies should be provided to the City Clerk for distribution purposes prior to or at the beginning of the meeting at which the person will be speaking. 
  • In all matters concerning actions at a public meeting, the decision of the Meeting Chair shall take precedence and be final.